Friday, 19 September 2008

Time is running out..


Its been a stressful afternoon.The dieticians are not happy with Seraphina and told me to phone Sheffield before they did.Seraphina should be having as a minimum 1200 kcal per day but at the moment she is only able to tolerate 700.She should also be having her feed pump running at 65ml per hour.....shes only managing 50mls over 18 hours and is still being sick and dumping.I have lost count of the amount of nappies she has had today...she has just started back on 5 antibiotics too and so there is poo everywhere (well it feels like it!).So its highly likely that she will still be losing weight and if this continues she will get dehydrated fairly quickly.

I have phoned Sheffield,whose Theatre lists are jam packed apart from a possible space on the 9th October (but the parents havent decided aboout whether to proceed with surgery or not yet).The sec told me that Mr Marven is aware of how Seri is and will try and move it forward.She also told me that she wants a recent weight of Seri....shes lost 1.5kilos so far and she was last weighed 2 weeks ago.If she has lost weight again....which is quite likely,then the Secretary thinks they will probably end up taking her in and doing the fundo as an emergency.

What a horrible situation to be in :-( I just hope they manage to get her in soon BEFORE she gets too poorly...I dont want her to have to have a femoral line in again just to hydrate her.
I just feel like the clock is ticking and if something doesnt happen soon then she is going to be one poorly girl.

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Siobhan said...

I hope they can get her in asap!
Keeping my fingers crossed.