Thursday, 18 September 2008

23 January 2007
Been in this morning and she is about the same really but have had a chat with the Docs about her as they were waiting to see me today.Apparently they have been doing some tests on her and presumed that I knew all about it and had okayed it all (feel like I am constantly playing catch up!)They have been unable to reduce the diuretics she is on because they say that her lungs are so damaged that if they reduced them she would 'puff up' (great!) a result of this is that they have put strain on her kidneys and they think they might have been damaged.Their is also more to the fortifier/failing to grow than I previously thought.Apparently they have got a second opinion on her from another consultant and they are testing the level of growth hormone as they said there is a condition where they dont have enough/not the right balance and this 'condition' leads them to not grow as they should???thats all I know ...oh,apart from the fact that because they have been taking so much blood from her recently they have done a full blood count because she may need another transfusion (no surprise there though!)Will update when I can...not really sure WHAT to think now though!Well thats what I posted on the antenatal club this afternoon.I just dont know what to think.One minute shes up and the next minute slapped right back down again.Have contacted Bliss family support helpline today and they are going to try and match me up with another parent who has had a baby at this gestation.Just need to be able to talk to someone who has gone through this and come out the other side,someone human LOL!

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