Thursday, 18 September 2008

3 January 2007
Well Daddy had the meeting today with the Consultant and we had another tricky decision to make.Your tummy is so distended and bruised that you can no longer lie on your back as the weight of your tum is uncomfortable for you.You are having major desaturations still and they are not quite sure why...apart from one thing.....Perviously the Docs had started you on EO protin as breast milk fortifier to help you gain weight and help your lungs develop but it contained Cows milk protein which all your brothers and sisters had been allergic to (Samuel had particularly bad reactions/consequences)so it was withdrawn and instead you were given much more Breast milk.However a resul of this is your tummy is very stretched and pressing on your lungs which they think is adding to the desaturations.You were also retaining fluid as a result of all the extra going into you and so they started Frusimide (you have fluid collecting on your lungs),but AS a result of having frusimide your Sodium levels were dropping and you have to have extra sodium chloride and vitamins :-( all artificial stuff inside you.The consultant explained that if you had EO Protin then they could reduce the amount of breast milk you were having and as a result you should be les bloated and more comfortable,shouldnt need the frusimide and therefore wouldnt need the sodium Chloride etc BUT there was a risk of you reacting to the Cows milk protein :-(After a lot of thought we decided to try the EO Protin again and hope that this was the right decision and that you dont react to it.The decision wasnt an easy one and no solution was ideal but we had to make the call.I hope we have done the right thing for you sweetheart adn that you become more comfortable...AND bigger of course,more of you to cuddle then !Youir snuggle sac came today from Peeny weeny baby...its brilliant and just like the one you are in at the hospital...cant do much for you but at least you can have your own bed smelling of home :-)..and another cute little babygro (just cant resist it LOL!)well thats all for now..heres hoping and praying that God will keep you safe and help you to get stronger my love.

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