Thursday, 18 September 2008

25 January 2007
ll i have spent most of today up at the neonatal unit with my little angel today.The Doctor wanted to see me to discuss your blood results.Aparently one of the things you have is a Cortisol deficiency (this is a stress hormone which makes you grow) and this may mean that the doctors have to give you artificial cortisol so that you grow normally.They have said you would lead a reasonably normal life though.We are also waiting for the tests to come back on your kidneys as they are concerned that the amount of diuretics you re having may put a strain on them.I held you in my arms again today and it was so lovely feeling your soft little head against me and stroking your hand.You are so perfect...Gods little masterpiece.I looked at the size of your little fingernail and was awestruck that God could make something so small and yet so utterly perfect.You were a bit upset this afternoon as you had to have So many blood tests and examinations done again today.I just put my hand on your little head and whispered a prayer over you and you calmed down so that your SATs settled again.Tomorrow morning i need to go into the NICU for 8.15am as you need an urgent blood transfusion and they need a sample of my blood to cross match before they can transfuse you (your nurse has just phoned to tell me).So I am getting a lift in.Well i better go as i have to check on your brother ,he has been in A&E all afternoon/evening as he fell and hit his head at school and knocked himself out and they were considering doing an MRI scan because he cant remember anything.Not a good birthday present!Night night,God bless xx

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