Friday, 19 September 2008


Well,have just had a phonecall from RMS who are ordering her 'New Bug' wheelchair system.They gave me the quotation for total cost and asked for 50% deposit.I paid them and then said i qwould give them the date that I needed the buggy for (next trip to Sheffield) actually the 26th but I didnt want to leave it too late so said 24th October.The Rep had previously said that it wouldnt be a problem......well apparently this lady has just told me that they come from Italy and are taking a good 8 weeks to arrive!!!!!grrrrrrr!
I did politely explain that a condition of the sale WAS that i get it by 24th which is why I had checked and double checked.Anyway we left it that she would do her best to get it quickly and if there was going to be any delay then she would let us know.
I really hope they can get it to us in time....I REALLY dont want her to be having her fundo done again and then have to slump in the curent pushchair as its going to be SOOOO painful for her,she needs the support and I dont want her to be in any more unneccesary pain.

Have just had our feeding supplies delivered and once again we have no correct Jejunostomy button.....well no button at all although the delivery note says it should be there!Can you tell im not surprised....we seem to be having so many problems with these buttons and the delivery people at the moment its untrue.
Well I suppose I ought to make a start on the mammoth ironing pile which seems to have bred overnight....Seraphina is asleep,she seems to have developed a habit of thinking that 5.30am is time to get up which,after being up in the night as well means she needs a nap by 9am.Wish i could join her :-)

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