Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A light at the end of the tunnel!

Well Seraphina has lost another half kilo and Phoned Sheffield to let them know...later that day I had a phone call to say her Op had been moved onto the emergency list and was going to be on the 9th October!!! so only two weeks to wait :-).Im counting down the days now as its all turning into a bit of a slog.David (bless him) slept downstairs with her last night as she was REALLY unsettled and to be honest al shes done today is cry again :-( cant be much fun for her and she sounds like her throat is getting really sore again.
I so hope that the Op works this time,Im not even letting myself think about the possibility that it doesnt.
So a good positive step forward,now all we have to do is hope she doesnt lose too much weight in the meantime and keep her away from any bugs.


Siobhan said...

yay for the op-appointment being moved up! Poor you for the lack of sleep though.. ((hug))

lisa said...

hi darling finally figuared out how to read this blog have read it all with heartfelt compassion i send my love and prayers for you all because god loves you all. seraphina has come this far for a reason and we pray that she continues to defy the odds and op works this time cant begin to think how much stress you are living with remember we love you homegroup