Thursday, 18 September 2008

6 May 2007
cant believe how much has happened recently.We so very nearly lost you due to bad reflux causing chest infections,bradycardia and apnoeas.Lost count how many times you were rescusitated.In the end you had to be intubated and spent 8 days on a ventilator and other things as your kidneys stopped working properly and you were all swollen up with fluid.You are now breathing on your own but your EEG results say your brain isnt working properly so you have had more bloods taken and we have to wait up to 4 weeks for the results!.Mummy and Daddy have been learning how to NJ feed you with a feed pump.YOu also have an NG tube for medicines as you cant have anything orally now as its too dangerous.I wish you were home with me...I miss you so much and I miss you looking 'normal'without all the tubes.We only get to see your little face properly when we change the tapes,its sad

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