Thursday, 18 September 2008

7 March 2007
Yesterday was Seraphinas 100th day birthday at SCBU.She had a 'birthday' card and a Certificate from the staff andwe bought her a big heart shaped helium balloon with 100 days written on it and also a pink sash with princess written on in gold which she had on her cot.Unfortunately she got ver poorly VERY quickly yesterday and we had a phonecall from scbu to say that she had had to go back in an incubator as she was struggling to breathe...I thought it might be bronchiolitis and asked them but they took swabs and it came back as MRSA :-(I have just been in this afternoon and she has been taken back into intensive care as she is very unstable.When i had just arrived she desatted down to 19%!!!I thoughtshe was going to die as she lay there all grey and looked like a dead baby,no colour ,no movement no nothing *sob*.I will be going in this evening to sit with her as will DH.My poor baby seems to go from one crisis to the next and I wonder if I will ever get her home

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