Thursday, 18 September 2008

22 May 2007
thought Id add some pictures of my little cherub now shes home with us again.Cant believe how much she has gone through already.Well sweetie ,you are now NJ fed through a pump 22 hours a day and have your medicines through an NG tube.Its quite a full time job,but you are so worth it.You have just started smiling and it is the most gorgeous smile that makes my heart melt.You cannot really see much,only light and dark ,but you love hearing the sound of your mummy's voice xxx.At the moment you have so many problems and the doctors think that maybe your brain isnt working like it should so you need to go to a special hospital so they can try and find out what exactly is wrong and help you,dont worry though as Mummy will be with you all the time.well here is a picture of all your equipment that you have by your little crib

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