Thursday, 18 September 2008

6 February 2007
Well my little sweetheart is doing quite well now.I went in on my birthday (2nd Feb) to fine that she was no longer in an incubator! and there ws a little card 'to mummy' from Seraphina there too.I must admit to bursting into tears at the sight of Seraphina looking more 'normal' tucked up in her closed babytherm.Its kind of like a box with a lid which lifts up LOL!.The mattress is heated to keep her warm.She is putting on weight now too as she is 3lb 14.5oz and as you will see from her picture she is looking far more baby-like.Have been trying to breastfeed her but at the moment its pretty much of a non-starter as she constantly falls asleep.Will keep persevering there.Its nice to be able to have her out regularly for a cuddle now as she has 'graduated' to Teddy bear nursery from the intensive care fairy room.Its still so hard going home and leaving her especially when she is snuggled up on your chest...I could quite happily stay there all night!

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