Thursday, 18 September 2008

9 March 2007
Dont really know what to say,its 12.45am and I have just come back from the hospital where I have been all day.Have had to come back for a break and to keep going for the others but I feel wide awake.Seraphina is SOOO poorly.When I left she had just had another chest xray and she was just about to have bloods done.She just keeps desatting down to 30-40% and even as low as 19%,several times a minute.At the moment they dont know whats causing it and she has this horrendous cough as well.She hasnt been able to sleep all day as she cant get comfortable and even when she does close her eyes she starts another bad coughing episode which wakes her up again.She looks totally fed up and worn out and with each hour that passes she is getting visibly weaker.I feel so helpless tonight.She has fought so hard for so long,please God dont let her go now.

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