Thursday, 18 September 2008

27 January 2007
Well,my little cherub has now reached 2 months old.I can hardly believe it,she has come through so much over these last two months.I am so proud of her fighting spirit.She is getting stronger with her breathing now and is ,from today ,doing 7 hours on nasal prongs and 4 hours on CPAP.So the balance is tipped the right way now as she is decreasing the ventilation.We obviously still have concerns regarding her kidneys and this cortisol deficiency but hopefully we should have a plan of care for her on monday.She is becoming much more alert now when awake and trys to focus her eyes on you,they are not wandering quite as much as they used to .Also went and bought her the next size up in babygros today as her legs are looking a bit squashed in the ones she has as they are quite long now...she'll be pleased that she has long legs when shes older LOL!The nurses are going to try and get her out for cuddles a bit more as she hates being touched. She is starting to associate it with pain/someone wanting to do something to her and as soon as they do her heart rate increases and she starts to moan....poor little bunny.I have been coming in every day this week to try and help and stayed much of the day.Not something I can keep up though with another 5 to look after,but its been nice this week ,if a little tiring because i still have retained products and dont feel my best.Will have to try and getr to the doctors again this week....if i have a spare nano second!Well I am off to drink some water before expressing and going to bed so goodbye for now :-)

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