Thursday, 18 September 2008

13 January 2007
Well its been a while but I feel more up to writing here again.You have had a really rough ride over the last few days but on Tuesday night the nurses thought you had turned a corner.I went in twice again and cuddled you and on the second visit they let me try and put you to the breast for the first time ...just to see what you would do.Well it turned out that you knew EXACTLY what you were meant to do and tried really hard to latch on.Even though you didnt make it there was a lot of lip smacking going on which showed that given time you would manage it!I was really proud of you :-).Since then you have improved and we celebrated you reaching the grand weight of 1kg!!.Yesterday afternoon you were transferred to George Eliot SCBU which is a great step forward.They were really pleased with you and so was I.Today I went in and spent the whole afternoon with you which was great AND you are now 2lb 8.5oz!!!!!! what a little fatty LOL!.You are changing so fast now and have even grown a bit of a bottom (which you didnt have before!).The nurses were trying you with 6 hours onCPAP and 6 hours on nasal cannulars to see if you could cope .the hope is that if you are settled for 24/48hrs on that then they will try 7hours on 7 hours off etc and gradually wean you off CPAP that way.Your SATs have been a little wobbly today but not too bad,your temp has been equally wobbly but they think that could be down to the transfer yeserday and you should hopefully settle down over the next 24hrs.Cant wait to go in and see you tomorrow now...its great that you are so much nearer...only a 20min walk away!.I also bought a twin pushchair yesterday that your brother and sister are going to use while you are in hospital but when you come home you will be able to go in it with your brother...its a Phil and Teds E3 in a lovely apple green...I even have the carrycot ready for you ...cant wait till you are in the meantime your brother and sister can 'test drive'it for you LOL!Wasnt able to take your piccy today unfortunately as I got the camera there only to find that the batteries were flat..will try and take one of you tomorrow so that I can show all my BW friends what a cutie you are :-).Well I better go...breast pump calls and so does my bed.Night night sweetie!

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