Thursday, 18 September 2008

14 March 2007
Well so far so good.She is back on nasal cannulas now and seems to be coping.She has also been moved out of intensive care YAY!.Saw the speech and lang therapist yeaterday who confirmed basically what I knew already... that she has a weak suck and hasnt got a good suck breathe swallow reflex at all ,hense her aspirating on feeds etc.She also saw her desat continually after to feed which she also attributed to reflux.Apparently the on duty consultant is going to speak to Seris consultant about starting her on Domperidone and ranitidine for the reflux.They also talked to me about her coming home on Oxygen as this is looking more and more likely now.ROP wise she is still grade 2,so no worse there.As for me,well after spending 3 days on absolute agony with a headache which turned into a migraine I went back to the GP today and he has stopped the Maxalon tablets (headache now gone!) and started me on Domperidone to try and increase my milk supply.I took the first one this morning and at lunchtime I expressed 30mls!!! a big improvement to the 2.5mls-10mls I was getting :-) fel quite happy about that.Doc has given me a 2 weeks supply and said that if they work he is quite happy to give me more.Heres hoping the increase continues as I would really like to keep my milk going a bit longer.Have been really stressed about Vaccinations after I found out what was in them.DH and I are going to have a chat tonight about what to do.Its so hard to know what to do for the best as I dont thing either choice is great.At the moment my instinct is to wait now until she is 4 months corrected age before giving her the last set.Def woulsnt give them in 2 weeks time which is when she is due.The life of a parent is not an easy one!Well I better go....its really sunny outside and my Ellas house pink girly hemp nappies have come and time to hang them out on the line!! hee hee.I really must get a life...fancy being cheered by the sight of freshly washed nappies blowing in the breeze LOL!

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