Thursday, 18 September 2008

My Sweetie pie

Just after Theatre

Her two new tubes

The femoral line which she had the late night dash to Theatre for...

and little minkey with two boxing gloves on to stop her puling the line out! :-)


supermum said...

Seri's looking as beautiful as ever, I see! I'm so glad the wheelchair is finally ordered. :-D I'll be praying for the best possible outcome from the eye appointment.


Siobhan said...

That's great news about the wheelchair! And what a lovely photo of her (the sweetiepie one) she's grown into a really beautiful little girl!
How great that you have a blog now Caroline. I'm one of Claire's friends from Eurobabes, and I had a preemie myself (Niamh, 30 wks, 610g) and have been praying for Seraphina since she was born, and still do. You've all my respect and admiration :-)
Best wishes to you all,