Thursday, 18 September 2008

22 December 2007
Havent looked at this diary for sometime as my little Seraph has been in and out of hospitals far away as Sheffield,which is now where we have to travel to on a regular basis to get her treatment done and see the many specialists involved in hr care...Looking back over this diary I can see how far you have come and also where there are gaps in entries because things were so traumatic at the time.Like back in March when you came out of special care....I had you home just 3 days before you stopped breathing for the first time and then another 2 weeks before that dreadful morning when you stopped 3 times in my arms one after another which lead to you boing taken first to our local hospital ,then university hospital by ambulance transfer and then I watched as you needed repeated rescusitation until they finally decided that you would be better off on a ventilator.My heart nearly broke but I knew I had to keep it together for you and so I asked not to be separated from you and they let me gown up and go down to theatre whilst they intubated you.It wasnt a nice thing to watch....they have to give you drugs to paralysed you and sedate you and so when they got to that point they asked me whether I wanted to give you a kiss goodbye before they did it and I looked into your eyes and wondered at that point if I would ever see you awake again.I told you that I loved you and wouldnt leave you whatever happened and you seemed to understand,then they gave you the drugs and put the tube down.Then you were transferred by patient recovery unit to Leicester Royal Infirmary intensivecare unit.Here you are in ICU

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