Thursday, 18 September 2008

28 January 2007
AAAgghhh! I jst dont know what to think should i be happy or sad.Saw the Docs today and Seraphina is now 3lb 2oz (great thought I!) then they go on to tell me that although she is putting on weight (albeit slowly)her head circumference isnt growing which could mean that her brain development isnt normal ???.They said that they wold also expect a baby having so much milk and fortified too to have a weight gain of more than 2oz in a week.Roll on this meeting tomorrow with the consultant is what I say.Wish i didnt have to go on my own but DHs car has broken down again (only had it a week!)so he cant be there.Also they have put her on 2hrly feeds of 22mls and she has spent the entire morning desaturating and heart rate dipping to 60BPM which scared the hell out of me.I have said that I think she is refluxing but think I was ignored....not that I have had 3 severe refluxers already of course!!!Feeling frustrated this afternoon and although I am not looking forward to tomorrows meeting,hopefully it will give me a much needed clearer picture of whats going on.

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