Thursday, 18 September 2008

Good news and bad news

mixed day today really.....first the good news, after what seems like forever we have now,through people raising money for us,got the £2300 needed to fund Seraphinas wheelchair....we had a recommendation for it from the regional posture and mobility centre who asessed her and saw that she still cant sit on her own and what they discribe as 'low tone', but the Local wheelchair clinic wouldnt pay for it!. Anyway the Rep came out today and it is ordered!!!!! so should be with us in 4 weeks and on the more worrying side.... Seraphina has been developing more and more of a squint over the last 6-12 months and went for a review today at hospital.Apparently her test results show that its likely she has damage to the right visual side of the brain and has lost some of her left field of vision.They also think she is extremely short sighted and commented that she seems to hold her head to one side when looking at something...apparently this can be a way of them compensating for loss of vision field PLUS they think there might be some damage left over from when she had retinopathy . They want her to see a consultant and go to London (somewhere called Moorlands) for an EDT.....apparently it measures the brains response to visual stimulus.They said it would fit in with a diagnosis of Cerebral palsy (the whole Hemi thing again)....they want this to happene next 4 weeks they said 'in order to try and preserve as much of her vision as possible!!!!!' .NOT at all what I was expecting to happen today so it looks like we have another hurdle to overcome now.

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Vulpine said...

The hospital is called Moorfields. They really are excellent.