Thursday, 18 September 2008

2 January 2007
8/12/06We saw you last night and your eyes had opened!!! (before they were still fused shut)The nurses also let us 'hold' you in the incubator :-).Althought the Docs said that you hadnt had another cardiac scan yet they said that 'clinically' you had improved so looks like the drugs have closed the hole YAY!However this morning they have had to withdraw your feeds as you were producing excess stomach bile which shows that you werent tolerating the feeds.They are reviewing you again this afternoon.I pray that you will beging to tolerate them again soon and that God will give the Doctors wisdom in treating you.13/12/06you were transferred yesterday to Walsgrave Neonatal unit as you were doing well and Walsgrave is closer to home.We went over to see you today - you didnt have a hat on and we saw that you had dark hair,just like Mummy!You looked at me with your eyes wide open,such a beautiful little face,it made the consultants conversation so much harder to bear.He explained that while they were pleased with your progress so far it could change in an instant and,his words,'half an hour later we could be calling you in and telling you she is dying'.Such hard words to hear,my heart was breaking.he also told us that the treatment they are giving you to keep you alive has damaged your lungs putting you at risk from Chronic lung disease amongst other things.I am finding this all very hard to deal with at the moment - I can do NOTHING.They were giving you another Cranial ultrasound today and as we were leaving they were removing the long line from your heart.

22/12/06Its been a really hard few days.You had seemed to be doing reasonably well and then out of the blue you got MRSA and another bug and this seems to have really knocked you about.Yesterday Penny rushed Me and your brother and sister into hospital and Daddy met us there (your other brother and two sisters were at school)as your oxygen had gone up to 70% and you were having a lot of pressure also.The Docs withdrew your feeds as your tummy was all distended and they were concerned you had Necrotising Enterocolitis.This lunchtime your tummy had gone down and they were going to try and re-introduce the feeds again this afternoon and see if you could tolerate them (0nly half the amount though)they had also done another brain scan and had upped your antibiotics.9.45pm Daddy has just gone in and unfortunately you havent tolerated the feeds so you are having a longer rest and they are feeding you through a drip.

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