Thursday, 18 September 2008

1 January 2007
Well I have finally got round to creating a baby diary.Thought it would be easier to update here andgood to look back on.I have been keeping a diary that I was given in Birmingham NICU so I will staart by typing up that in date order ...starting with your incredible birth story LOL!6/12/06Its taken me a few days to be able to write in this book.The shock of having you so early I suppose.I was just over 24 weeks pregnant when I felt that I was leaking fluid.I had a scan on the monday morning(25+2 weeks)when it was confirmed that liquor levels were falling.From clinic I was sent to the day assessment unitwhere they decided to monitor me and found that I was having contractions every 5 mins or so.They sent me down to labour suite (with my friend Penny) and I sat there for a whilebeing monitored when they decided I needed to go to another hospital.The only place they had a cot was Birmingham Womens hospital so at about 2.15pm I set off in the ambulance with a midwife.I guess the lack of suspension in the ambulancedidnt help but the pains started coming every two minutes and I was having jabbing pains over my scar in between contractions (I have had 3 previous c-sections).It was then that a car pulled out in front of the blue lighting ambulance forcing us to brake sharply as we clipped the side of the car...I screamed as it pulled my tummy badly and I contracted at the same time.As I had also had a show the ambulance pulled over onto the hard shoulder of the M6 as the midwife thought babvy would be delivered there..she said that as there was no heating in the ambulance that if you were delivered she would put you inside my top/bra to keep warm.When she said this and I was also told that they had no rescus gear for baby the adernaline kicked in and I was really afraid.I thought 'there is NO WAY I am going to push' and I started praying really hard that God would do SOMETHING to keep you in and safe baby.I was so terrified that I would lose you.Thankfully God did keep you inside and we arrived at BirminghamWomens to be met at the doors by Midwifes and Neonatologists asking if you had been delivered yet!.I was wheelied into the delivery suite where I was examined and found not to be ready to push yet but my scar was VERY tender and they couldnt find your heart beat baby.At this piont I thought you had died.They bought in a portable scanning machine and thankfully found your heart beat but you werent happy and they thought my uterus was beginging to rupture and decided you needed to be delivered there and then.The doctors gaveme a consent form to sign.I really didnt want to sign it but I was told that I had no choice,if I waited a moment longer my womb could rupture andthen we could both die.I was wheeled to Theatre where they gave me a spinaland began the operation...only the epidural wasnt effective and I feltthe surgeon cut me!!!!!.The next thing I knew I was being given gas and air for the painwhile they gave me a general anaesthetic.You were born at 3.35pm weighing in at 765g,36 cm long and head circumference of 25cm.We named you Seraphina Lily Faith Iverson.By the time that Daddy reached the hospital you had already been born! I think Daddy was in shock that it had happened so quickly and they made him a cup of coffee to calm him down :-).Daddy arrived expecting to see Mummy in the delivery ward being given something to calm the contractions and instead was greeted by the Midwife saying'congratulations! you have a baby daughter'.Daddy then saw you being wheeled past on the way to the Neonatal unit where you were to spend your next weeks.I will update the next installment of our angels story soon in the mean time here is a picture of our Darling taken today...New Years Day aged 5 weeks!

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