Tuesday, 4 August 2009

We have just got back from holiday..we went to Skegness to a specially adapted bungalow which is owned by SCOPE and therefore subsidised by them.The weather was a bit unpredictable but needless to say we managed to have a nice time.Seraphina's favourite day was Hardy's animal farm.She loves animals and we went round showing her the ducks and piggies etc etc and signing them all to her in makaton.They had tractor and triler rides too and even had a ramp so that Seraphina could go for a ride :)..she thought this was brilliant.

We managed to get onto the beach where the children built the customary sandcastles and the girls got made into mermaids by mummy carefully burying their legs in the sand and moulding it into fish tails.

Both Samuel and Lydia had their birthdays...lydia having hers a day early so that she could pick a birthday treat place to go for the day.She chose the Seal sanctuary and we met up with our lovely friends Hazel,Colin Romy and Tansy.A good time was had by all at the sanctuary and then back on the beach in the evening where they all got thoroughly wet and sandy lol.

Today the rep came out from Chunc and set up our Chunc 45 which we now have on loan till the 21st Aug.Seraphina sits so well in it and as expected it is exceptionally light....she christened it this evening however by pooing all over it lol so the covers are being thoroughly tested :-)

The other rep mis delivering the xpanda seat this week too so that we will be able to make up our minds on the best one all round for Seraphina.

We are still trying desperately to raise money to fund this new wheelchair for her..the CHUNC is slightly more expensive at £3000 but theres not a lot in it to be honest.

so far we have raised £1344.85...a long long way to go to reach her target.Donations can still be made using Seraphinas paypal account and gifting it if you want Seraphina@claniverson.co.uk

just in case some millionaire is reading this rofl!

Tomorrow is an exciting day as is Thursday...tomorrow morning we get a working cooker!!!!.I cant believe I will actually have an oven to use after6 months without one..the children are requesting a roast dinner as soon as its connected :).Thursday Seraphinas new bed is being delivered ..finally,so then begins the task of training her to sleep in a bad again after 12 months of sleeping in a pushchair,Im sure that will be fun lol.

well I will finish this post by adding apicture of seraphina in the CHUNC taken this afternoon.