Thursday, 18 September 2008

28 February 2007
Well this morning was really good (despite me stressing all night and feeling sick at the thought of this meeting LOL!).Glad that I had Helen Pope as the Nurse in the meeting as she is much more organised than some of the others and gets things noted down etc.Basically the plan now is to introduce Nutriprem 2 to her feeds,so one EBM and one Nutriprem until my stocks run out.then she will be formula fed.They are FINALLY going to get a barium swallow done YAY!!! so mylittle sweetheart can have her reflux treated.The plan is to do the barium and then start her on Domperidone and Ranitidine (phew! what a relief that will be!).I will be glad when thats done as i was so scared of having to go through what I did with Samuel all over again...desats,mouth to mouth etc*shudder*.ROP seems no real change so they are going to keep reviewing every week.Heart...well the plan is to sit on it and see what happens.They can operate if they need to but TBH she isnt too bad at the moment.I think her main problem is the reflux.They are going to try and wean her off the oxygen now but are aware that a) it might not work and so she would need to come home on oxygen and B)she would still need oxygen for feeds.Just a case of waiting and seeing on that one.They have also decided to get the speech and language therapist to come in (Jane Sudden)as she has a very unco-ordinated suck/swallow/breathe reflex so that is not helping her feed.Last night she desatted down to 20%!!.On a good note they have said that she can have a bath!!! so they want to arrange a time with David and myself to come in and bath her :-)one to film I think!!shes going to ahve her next lot of imms either this week or next too,cant believe shes 3 months old already!Oh and she is now relatively non puffy and weighs 6lb 1.5oz!!!! what a whopper.She is starting to look more and more like little Eve now,think shes probably going to have the same attitude LOL!Brain scans have also shown nothing of real concern,there is no guarantee as she is still at risk at 25 weeks of Cerabal palsy learning difficulties etc so once again just wait and see.Helen also got me a print out of what she has written from this meeting with the consultant so that I can refer to it.All in all pretty good and feel much more aware of whats going on and cvlear what the next steps are.Keep fighting my little angel...mummy is SO proud of you!!

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