Friday, 10 June 2011

The child who reached for stars

Once was a a child who reached for stars

convinced that they would come

If she but only knew the words

to summon them

She spent long nights attempting this

trying every spell she knew

to call them down,these bright things

in the morning tears would come

No matter how high she reached

and how she called and called

no star would fall into her arms

no shining light for her

and so into a woman now

the little girl she grew

still yearning for her own bright star

and her Creator knew

He put them there

those shining stars He'd counted one by one

He'd given them their brightness

From his God light clear and true.

He said ,"You don't need my stars

for they're not yours to hold.

Inside you have your own light

Your Spirit strong and bold"

"I put it there, I made it

to shine brightest of all,

but you have left it to grow dim

while waiting for a star to fall."

"Take my hand ,I'll show you

how to once again stand tall.

To make your light shine brighter,

to make its beauty shine for all."

She saw the years she'd wasted

after speaking long hours with Him

She no longer needed the beauty of stars

true beauty and light comes from within.


Tina said...

Love you and your bright shining spirit!

Post Pals said...

Oh my goodness Caroline. Wheres the poem from? I wondered if with the authors permission and your permission for using the picture we could turn that into a card for lots of the kids (would shorten the poem and try and remove the reglion bit but still about us having the light and brightness within). Its such a beautiful poem and such a wonderful wonderful illistration. You are beyond tallented. love viks

Caroline said...

thank you both for your comments.Post pals..both the poem and the illustration are mine.So glad you like them.
By all means use the illustration if you want to.However I think that if you edit the poem then you will remove what the heart of the poem means.If you want to use a quote from the poem and put a small link to my blog where they can read the whole poem if they want (then its their choice) thats fine too.Hope you understand.Thanks again.