Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Livvys Smile

Let me take you back just over 12 months ago....I was in hospital with Seraph. We had been in a couple of months and Seraph was about as sick as a child can get. I had spent Christmas and New Year in Intensive care with her, had kissed her as the bells struck midnight not knowing if I would ever see her open her beautiful eyes again.My family was miles away and I missed them and also had no support...it was a lonely worrying time.
I communicated with the outside world via text and mobile internet (where would we be without our phones!!) but all the same it was pretty lonely.

So imagine this.....one of the nurses comes over with a very box which had just been delivered for Seraphina and I. Inside was a HUGE Tatty Teddy shaped helium balloon for Seraphina and a box of chocolates for me!. Anyone who has ever been in hospital will know that chocoalte is a MUST to get through each day when you have a sick child...to say I appreciated it was an understatement.Seraphina adored the balloon..to start with she just looked at it but when she was stronger I would pull it down towards her and she would bash it with her little fists, laugh and get generally very excited. It helped to make her smile again after she had had so many nasty blood tests etc while in hospital.
 The card said with love from Livvyssmile. I didnt know who this was but I was SO grateful that someone had thought of us. The card also had a picture of the most adorable little girl on it, I presumed this was Livvy...so however sent this was a Mom, like me...it was nice to feel that connection with someone and gave both of us a boost during this horrible time.

Months later I was to learn more about Livvyssmile . It is a charity that was set up in honour of the daughter of a couple called Sara and Alan. Olivia (or Livvy) passed away at the age of nine.She had suffered with Rett Syndrome a horrible neurological condition which eventually as you know Seraph was diagnosed with also.
These wonderful people set up this charity solely to continue the legacy of love and laughter Livvy brought to many.Sharing  the warmth of their daughter by creating smiles for special needs children and their families.

They run various lovely events throughout the year Fun days at a donkey sanctuary, karaoke parties even RC racing events.
Thier website is http://www.livvyssmile.co.uk/   please go and check it out and support this wonderful  caring charity.....you'll be so glad you did.

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Oh bless you hunny. I love you so much.