Tuesday, 3 May 2011

''All Change''

We live life in the fast lane, a technological age where advances are being made all the time, Xbox, Wii,Playstation 3,ipod, ipad, touchscreens, fast food,'on demand' TV and films and even a shop where you can get loans in advance of your paycheque!
Everything organised and promoted as 'must haves' to aid us in the increasingly fast race known as 'life'

I used to be uber organised,always fitting everything I needed to into one day - hated it if when meeting people they were running even a couple of minutes late.I was one of the twonks who, after pressing the button at the pelican crossing, then dashed out at the soonest break in traffic as the lights took 'too long'.
I have my first 5 children and found that to start with I couldnt get out when I wanted to, they didnt 'fit in' with my life.Oh how I laugh so much when on the baby programmes the newly expectant couples announce 'having a baby wont change us, it will have to fit in with our life'.I wonder if thats still their view 6-12 months post birth??
Over time I became quicker and more organised again and settled happily into a routine.

Then Seraphina arrived....'' All Change!''. This little girl has changed my whole outlook on life.You cant hurry with a big heavy wheelchair,medicines,oxygen and feed pump and...Seraphina doesnt like quick or noisy.

Instead of rushing round like a mad thing Seraphina has taught me to wait. Sitting for hours by hospital beds or in waiting rooms.She has taught me to be still, cradling her in my arms in the wee hours till she finally shuts her eyes.
She has shown me the importance of the simple things,things with her child-like understanding and enthusiasm give her so much pleasure, like butterfies,the patterns the sunlight throws on her bedroom walls, bubbles, the wind in her hair and music.
She notices and loves things I wouldnt have seen.In the garden her eyes found a tiny but brilliant blue patch of gentians, so easily overlooked by anyone else amongst the weeds (yes,my garden needs a makeover! ;))...So I photographed them for her :)
She has taught me so so much, shown me patience I didnt know I had, cultivated in me a love for her that is so strong and given me the gift of seeing things through her eyes,taught me to to value the God given simple things.
God knew and had this covered ! :)

''Im telling you once and for all, that unless you return to square one and start over like little children, you're not going to get a look at the Kingdom, let alone get in.Whoever becomes simple and elemental again like this child will rank high in Gods Kingdom'' Matt 18.2

''All Change'' though not without its saddness and pain, has been in lots of ways one of the best things to happen to me. Thank you Seraphina, for all you have taught and are teaching me still. I love you to the moon and somewhere over the rainbow....always xxx

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Tina said...

Hugs....Be Still, and know that I am God!
Love you always