Friday, 24 June 2011

Letter to my littlest

Dear Seraphina,

Im sitting here watching you sleeping, you kept me awake again last night...even after you had finally dozed off to know why? You were giggling in your sleep..again :)

Watching you sleep, you look so peaceful, so pretty with your mop of untameable curls and your pretty little nose I love doing nose kisses with. Your beautiful little mouth with that enviable perfect cupids bow...God made you so perfect.I love you so so much.

Today I just want to thank you, I feel so blessed having you for my daughter. You have so much going on, so much you have to put up with and yet you are so happy, so giggly.

Thank you for letting me come on this journey of your life with you.

Thank you for the honour of being your voice.

Thank you for being patient with me when I get things wrong or dont understand what you need straight away....I know how frustrated you must feel

Thank you for the way you look into my eyes and tell me you love me without saying a bless me

Thank you for showing me how to take pleasure in the simple things,for slowing me down.

Thank you for inspiring me to write stories again, blog and paint and keep piggys.

Thank you for giving me a reason to keep going, a new perspective.

Thank you for the funny way you grab my finger to use it as a pointing tool on your ipad.

Thank you for the utter joy of seeing you laugh the other day on the donkey, for seeing the excitement on your face when you held a baby duck...

Thank you for trusting me to take you on a bouncy castle...and reminding me what fun it is.

Thank you because no matter how much hard work it is at times to look after you I get it beck ten or twentyfold in the every day beautiful things you do and the important lessons you teach me.

I dont know if you will ever be able to read this but nevertheless I hope you feel my love for you and know how much of a blessing you are not only to me but to your brothers and sisters too.

I love you to the moon and back and somewhere over the rainbow

forever and always my precious girl

Mummy x


abrandnewstartagain said...

Welcome back Caroline xxxx your blog is truly beautiful and straight from the heart xxxxx

Rachael said...

hey i found your blog from a link on Jasmine crafts. What a lovely blog, your post just brought me tears, it was so thoughtfully written - your little girl is so lucky to have you as her mummy. All the best Rachael xx.