Sunday, 12 June 2011


I promise Seraphina and all my other children every night " Mummy loves you - always" even if they are asleep I whisper it into their ears.It's important to me and I mean it.

Promises are spoken so easily.
"Promise I'll be your best friend" in the playground.
"I can't do it now but we'll do it later,promise"
"I'll see you Saturday,promise"
Promises are such important powerful things and yet sometimes we all to easily promise something without realising the consequences.

Broken promises hurt,fill you with disappointment and can sometimes,depending on how much you have depended on to that promise, cut you to the core.

Childhood can be filled with broken promises and this makes believing stuff including Gods promises, much more difficult even as adults.However God doesn't say anything unless He means it.
God has promised that nothing can ever separate us from the love of God (Rom 8: 38-40) not only that but he has "sealed us and given us his Spirit in our hearts as a guarantee"(2Cor1:22).He really does mean it, He's not saying it lightly.

Its so important that if you say you'll do something - YOU DO IT!

I always try to do this and I dont always get it right, but I am going to try extra hard from now on to be as firm in my promises to others including my gorgeous children as God is to me.

I hope when I say to my children "I promise" and look into their eyes they know that I mean it.

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Sara x said...

God promises us eternity and that is the promise that gets me through each day. At times I don't understand life but I trust in the one who does. Love your sweet caring heart xxx