Friday, 1 October 2010

Blog stats..WOW

United Kingdom 537

United States 154
Germany 40
Luxembourg 25
Russia 16
Australia 14
France 10
Netherlands 10
Belgium 8
Canada 8

Have just discovered this part of the blog,where it records the number of people who read your blog in a week/month etc
This was last weeks figures...astounded isnt the word! my wonderful special girl is touching so many peoples hearts and hopefully making many people aware of the cruel disease that Rett syndrome is.
For those that follow my girls blog I humbly thank you and pray that you will pass on your new found awareness to others as well as visit my links to Reverse rett and Rett uk two wonderful chairties whose aim is to put and end to all the suffering of Seraphina and other 'silent angels' like her around the world.

and to end...another beautiful picture of my little angel taken today


Jasmine said...

That's so amazing! She definitely touches people, I had never heard about Rett syndrome before, it sounds utterly awful but you're raising lots of awareness for it. I follow her story on here and via post pals, she seems so sweet, I hope the animal/rainbow themed box of pressys got to her ok, sorry it was a bit late x

Caroline said...

Thank you so much Jasmine for the beautiful box you sent Seraph,it was very thoughtful of you and must have taken ages to put together!
Seraphinas sisters are going to make some pictures for her out of the things in the box as she cannot use her hands to do anything herself due to her Rett syndrome however she has just learnt how to press a button on her board book which we are thrilled about as its the first thing she has been able to do with her hands. Thanks again xxx

Jasmine said...

I'm so glad her sisters are able to use some of the things, after it was posted I started worrying that it was insensitive to send things I wasn't sure she'd be able to use! I'm so pleased to hear she's been able to press a button, how fantastic!!! I had lots of fun shopping for her :)
Love and hugs
Jasmine x

Kelly said...

Hi Caroline! Thanks for stopping by my blog...and for the sweet compliment - believe me, I feel far from glamorous most days!!! Yes, I know Jen dalton - actually I just was in New York for her event last weekend, it was amazing! There are alot of people out there helping us raise money for our CURE!!!! We will get there, I know it! Hugs to you today and to Seraphina too!

Semiovale's Charity Cross Stitching said...

I came across Seraphina's World blog via Postpals pillow link page. I thought you maybe interested in a charity that makes lovely quilts for children in the United Kingdom. Its called and my sister is the quilter... Maybe she would like one? xx