Tuesday, 30 June 2009

oh the heat!...and piggies!

I dont do heat very well...that is to say I dont do the humid swealtering heat like we have at the moment.Serpahina is very much like her mummy and doesnt do it either,this morning she has been crying all morning and has just dropped off to sleep.The only thing which made her smile was stroking May mei who is one of two 'new additions' to our piggy family :).PIGS! I hear you cry...nope not the big fat pink snouted variety (although I would quite like one of those one day lol)...much cuter smaller furry Guinea pigs (or Cavies to give them their proper name).

I have to say I have fallen in love...it started many years ago with my first piggy....Pookie who was a not show standard by any means Himalayan-type piggy and was my first love. He lived until he was five along with Gingernut who was an orange and white coronet-type.we had a few others along the way but when Pookie died and the others got wiped out by a nasty infection despite vetinary treatment I didnt have any more...until Eve my 6yr old wanted a guinea pig to replace a very bad experience with Hamsters (something I never plan to repeat!)...she has a lovely mongie pig who she has named Muppet lol but who is her pride and joy (he can count apparently :-) !!)
Well following on from that I decided to do a bit of googling and came accross 'pedigree' piggies...inparticular Texel and Merino pigs . Well I was sunk wasnt I (do i need to tell you what came next?).I found a lovely breeder and my piggy collection began with a beautiful piggy boy (Texel/ Merino) called Coco Buttons who is the most gorgeous chocolate colour,very hairy and looks,when He moves,kind of like a walking toupee lol!,with him came Princess Tigerlily...unfortunately she got lonely and so 3 rex piggies came to stay too (but they were too cute to leave even though i only went out for one!).
Then yesterday Maymei and Princess Stella (as in the drink ) came to live with us. Now this very enthusiastic ramble lol is actually going somewhere lol....Seraphina,as you know has a cortical visual impairment so her vision is ...well pretty poor on some days.she also has Sensory processing disorder which means (in her case) that she is terrified of touching soft things and certain other textures.Well not only have the pggie additions been cute theraputic for me BUT they have also been an absolute blessing for little Seraphina.
Little did I know that we would get to the stage where I am convinced that she sees them scuttling about when I have them indoors...but she also turns to look at them and PUTS HER HAND OUT TO STROKE THEM!!!! I couldnt believe it the first time she did that.Her favourite seems to be Coco Buttons at the moment (Mr Toupee) but she also strokes the others too and May Mei made her smile this morning too when she has been grumpy otherwise.
Im now planning my next new additions...including a Himalayan,who I am sure will remind me of my Pookie.Im thinking that the contrast in the black and white of a Himalayan will be more visable (especially on bad days) to Seraphina.

Well the days are ticking away now...not long till Seraph's next surgery.She has her pre-op on the 13th July and Op on the 15th.Im already getting nervous and wondering how she will cope with the anaesthetic this time (hopefully she wont need ICU).I know its for the best but you never ever get used to them going into theatre.
Also on Saturday we are at the Childrens with Lydia...we find out what the growth on her spinal cord is :(...Im praying so hard that it isnt anything Nasty (Im sure you know what I mean).I will be glad when both are all over.

Seraphina's wish...her page/Cause on facebook (http://apps.facebook.com/causes/304589?m=3f1cca43) is doing well with 445 members so far and £313.24 raised out of a total of £3000 needed to fund her wheelchair and swing.there are also two events whaich are taking/have taken place (have yet to know the total raised from the cake sale).Hopefully we will raise our target before long and Seraphina will be in a more comfortable seat.

Well I better go and get some housework done (cuddle some piggies)...a womans work is never done and all that :o)

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Tina said...

I have justb followed the link to your blog from Special Kids, Seraphina is absolutely gorgeous...just in case that had slipped your notice lol.
Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and hoping the follow up with the Neuro helps you to take in and understand the issues for Lydia.
As for the wheelchair have you approached BDF or the Beckhams? Both are quick to decide and follow through.
Sending much love to you all.