Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Time flies

I really must get better at updating this blog,life seems to be a bit of a whirlwind at the moment with so much going on.

First Seri, well she has now finally been seen by the 0-3 service (portage) after being on the waiting list for months.They have come out and done a full assessment basically physically she is at about 8-9 months and mentally about 3 months with hearing and understanding being of biggest concern.They gave me a copy of the assessment to take to my next Neuro appt as there are concerns that she has 'another learning disability such as autism'....well no surprise there then lol!...will wait and see what happens with that one.She has also had her EEG done at birmingham,dont know the full results yet but they have now started her on Diazepam twice daily to try and control the muscle spasms that she is still having despite being on the maximum dose of baclofen.I was concerned in case it made her zombie like or tired all the time......I neednt have been as it doesnt at all.I give her the last dose at 5pm and then she has baclofen at 8pm.Two nights in and she has slept throughboth nights! never ever has she slept through the night so I wonder now whether her restlesness was more to do with spasms....let the sleep continue!!!!! :-)

Samuel meanwhile has been put on Montelukast (singulair) to try and control his gut symptoms as his last test results showed that he is still anaemic and STILL testing positive for blood in his stools :-(.It has improved things re his runny poo and bad excema but he hardly eats anything at the moment and doesnt want to drink his milk either so i can see a downward trend in weight again,his ribs are showing and he seems very pale.School whacks him out and he falls asleep in his buggy most days on the way home.Dont have any magic answers,just carrying on till next appt in Feb.

Will end this post here as kids are mucking about upstairs instead of going to sleep...will leave with a lovely pic I took of Seri today...oh and the smudges on her face are wispa bar...she pinched mine and smeared it on her face,she didnt realise it was food...and yes I did pinch it back!! :-)

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Kei said...

I'm SO glad the meds have helped Seri sleep! I hope you were able to get some sleep too!

Hugs to Sam.

Jakey just looked at the new photo and said "look at that pretty baby".