Monday, 1 December 2008

Sam and Seraphina op pictures

Samuel on just neocate and no food....and Samuel immediately post op...not impressed.Look how much better he looked when not eating!really stuck me seeing these posts side by side hmmm... alas the healthy look didnt last longer than a couple of weeks,as soon as he starts to eat a little food we are back to losing weight and looking more like the post op pic :-(

Seraphina in PICU after 3rd Fundo 1st pic shows lovely arterial line in neck ugh!

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Siobhan said...

Oh poor little Sam.. he does look sad and poorly in the second picture. I hope they find out what he is allergic to asap!
On another note though, Seraphina and Sam look very similar, you could definately tell they are brother and sister (and a pair of cuties they are too!)