Saturday, 8 November 2008

forgot to say...

........Seraphina is next in Sheffield to see the surgeon and Gastro on 27th November along with samuel who gets the results of his biopsies...its her birthday,what a way to spend it.Cant believe our little cherub will be 2!!
We are going to try and transfer some of her care nearer to home now as it takes us 2-3 hours to get to sheffield from the midlands depending on traffic.Neurology is being transferred to Birmingham Childrens as thats the nearest tertiary centre to us.Hope they are good there as I havent had much experience with Birmingham and wouldnt touch Leicester Royal or their PICU with a barge pole!(makes me shudder to think of it after Seri's disgusting experience there when he was 4 months old - I still think they are to blame for some of Seri's neuro damage!)

Anyway the next appt is in University Hospital Coventry to be fitted for glasses on the 26th........hope they do pink ones :-D

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